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Congres Venue

ICSV30 will be held in:

The Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre Amsterdam
Paul van Vlissingenstraat 9-11
1096 BK  Amsterdam
the Netherlands

The Postillion Hotel & Convention Center Amsterdam is one of the most accessible hotels & conference centers in Amsterdam!
With a very convenient location, between the city and the arterial roads, it is always easily accessible and you will be in the center of Amsterdam in no time. Postillion Hotel & Convention Center Amsterdam has 89 covered parking spaces.
There is also ample parking in the nearby area. Paid parking applies.
The Postillion Hotel & Convention Center Amsterdam is also easily accessible by public transport. The nearest train stations are Amsterdam Amstel Station and Duivendrecht Station and Overamstel metro station is a 2-minute walk away. For more information about public transport, parking and routes, view the hotel's route map.
Postillion Hotel & Convention Center Amsterdam (www-postillionhotels-com.translate.goog).


About Amsterdam
Welcome to Amsterdam, a city that effortlessly blends its rich history with a vibrant, contemporary atmosphere. Known for its iconic canals, cultural diversity and friendly locals. Amsterdam is a must-visit destination for any traveler. Below please find some suggestions to navigate the many features that make this city truly unique:

Canals and Architecture: Amsterdam’s picturesque canals are a defining feature of the cityscape. Take a leasurely stroll or a canal cruise (book your ticket for the ICSV30 canal cruise on Tuesday with drinks and bites), to admire the stunning architecture lining the waterways. The historic canal houses with their narrow facades, leaning gables, and ornate details tell the tale of a bygone era.

Musems and Art
: Immerse yourselve in Amsterdam’s rich cultural offerings by exploring its world-class museums. The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House are just a few examples of the city’s cultural gems. The diverse art scene extends beyond museums to include vibrant street art and contemporary galleries.

Biking Culture
: Join the locals and experience Amsterdam like a true Dutch resident by renting a bike. The city’s flat terrain, extensive network of bike lanes and bike-friendly attitude make cycling the ideal way to explore neighborhoods, parks and attractions.

: Indulge in Amsterdam’s culinary delights by trying traditional Dutch snacks like stroomwafels and poffertjes. Explore the city’s diverse food scene with international cuisines and don’t forget to stop by a local “brown café” for a taste of authentic Dutch beer.

Red Light District
: While controversial, Amsterdam’s Red Light District is an integral part of the city’s history and culture. Take a stroll through this area to witness its unique atmosphere, but please be respectful and adhere to local norms.

Diverse neighborhoods
: Each neighborhood in Amsrerdam has its own unique charm. From the trendy Jordaan district to the historic De Pijp, explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods to discover hidden gems, local markets and cozy cafes.

Markets and Shopping
: Amsterdam’s markets are a shopper’s paradise. Visit Albert Cuyp Market for a taste of local flavors and explore the Nine Streets for boutique shops and vintage finds. The city’s shopping scene caters to all tastes and budgets.

Whether you’re a history buff, art enthousiast, foddie or simply seeking a laid-back getaway, Amsterdam welcomes you with open arms. Enjoy your time in the enchanting city!

How to get to Amsterdam
Whether you plan to arrive by air, rail, road or sea, Amsterdam is one of the most well connected international destinations in Europe.
High speed train services, direct international flights and an extensive public transport network ensure seamless connections no matter where in the world you are travelling from.
Thanks to the city’s compactness, getting around in the city is easy, with quick transfers between venues, restaurants, cultural sights and nearby hotels.

By plane: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the primary international airport in the Netherlands. The airport serves over 300 direct destinations globally and is just a 15-minute ride away from the city centre by public transport.
By train: Travelling to Amsterdam by train has never been easier, and makes for a more environmentally-friendly alternative to flying. With high-speed train connections reaching 300 km/h, conference visitors can enjoy swift and comfortable travel from London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt and many other European cities.
Amsterdam Central Station is a hub for international rail services, including routes operated by Eurostar, ICE (Intercity Express) and Thalys.

Discover Amsterdam with the I amsterdam City Card

  1. Discover Amsterdam’s museums and attractions with one card
  2. Travel the city carefree with unlimited public transport
  3. Explore the city effortlessly with the I amsterdam City Card app

The I Amsterdam City Card offers a unique way to explore Amsterdam. You get access to all major highlights and more than 70 museums, city-wide public transport, a canal cruise and bicycle rent. Click here I amsterdam City Card: free entry to museums, transport and more | I amsterdam for more details.


What to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very lively city with lots of things to do, Click here What's On | I amsterdam to find out What to do in Amsterdam during your stay,


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